Bedtime stories are known for adventure, mystery and magic – but the real wonder of reading is inside your mind. A great way to bond with your child, reading out loud also has major benefits for brain development – especially when they’re under 5 years old.

Better learning outcomes

Storytime can set your child up for success. Studies have shown that reading to children early can directly impact their future. They are being read to improve their education outcomes, regardless of household income, education level or cultural background.

Brain benefits

Reading aloud enhances the abilities of young children in many ways. It helps them connect the words they hear with images in their heads, improving their imaginative recall and speeding up the transition to independent reading.

In-person is best

Studies show that preschool-age children learn better when an adult is present. That’s why reading in person can benefit more than an electronic book or recording. Adults can help answer questions and help interpret tricky passages.­­

Opening a book opens a world of opportunity for your child. Encouraging language, literacy, and social skills, such as reading aloud, is an educational activity with real results.