Young children need fuel for their busy days of learning and exploring. But, when it comes to food, quality matters – it’s nutritious, delicious meals that set kids up for a healthy future.

Healthy habits for life

Habits created at an early stage are more likely to become long-term tools. While learning new tricks is easy when you’re young, it can be hard to change unhealthy eating patterns in adulthood. This is why having access to good food early can pay off in the future – it makes it easier to follow good nutrition later on. Knowing when to eat, how much and what foods form a balanced diet are crucial for long term wellness.

Preventing problems in the future

Food is meant to be enjoyed, but too much of certain types can cause trouble. Poor nutrition in early childhood is linked to higher rates of obesity, hypertension, diabetes and coronary heart disease.

Learning to love nutritious food

Food packed with sugar and salt can create problems for young tastebuds. Serving fresh food with subtle flavours, like fruits and vegetables, can be a key to overcoming fussy eating. Once children develop a taste for these foods, they may even start asking for them! This makes mealtimes easier at home, too. 

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