It’s time to discover the great outdoors – and the great benefits of playing outside. From enhancing their curiosity to helping brain development, outdoor learning is an essential part of any early educational experience. The freedom to be outside improves self-confidence, creativity and even concentration.

Connection with the world outside

Being outside lets children connect with the world around them. Whether it’s the beautiful busy or the urban jungle – you can get benefits from any backyard. Senses can be heightened by any change in environment, experiencing new smells, textures and light. It’s the new stimuli that helps foster a connection to the world around them and inspires a sense of exploration.


Learning to work together

There is more freedom when playing games outside. Children can be louder, move around more and create bigger and more complicated games. This kind of play is great for learning how to share, how to work well together in groups, and for improving social skills. It can also help children become more confident decision-makers in their daily life.

Boosting brain function

Research shows that children who have quality outdoor play get a brain boost. Switching environments encourages being inventive and imaginative. This lays the foundations approaching problems creatively and for conceptual thinking.

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