The first five years lay the foundations for learning: playing an essential role in preparing your child for school. But the benefits go way beyond their primary years.

A head-start for success

Education in their early years can give your child an extra edge. Research shows that children who attend an early education program are more likely to be more confident learners and have greater success in life.

Inspiring life-long learning

Early education inspires a love of learning. Quality programs offer regular structured play – where the children have fun, but they also learn, explore and create.

Early education also promotes literacy and language skills, problem-solving and creativity. A program that offers all these things can help children explore their passions from an early age.

Supported social development

Early education can give children a developmental head start. Not only do children receive the educational and academic benefits of the structured environment, but they can also practice social skills and emotional development. This is one of many great benefits that children receive from early education that continues to support them in the primary years. Building their social skills can set children up for success, while growing emotional intelligence can lead to better results, well-being and more fulfilling relationships.

When it comes to early education, quality matters. A great program can make all the difference in their future – and support them in their present. To give your child their best start, book at tour.

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