Setting a new benchmark in
Early Education

Equip your child with the tools and learning that form the foundation of educational achievement and positive attitudes towards learning.


Learning spaces need careful planning in order to be flexible enough to accommodate children’s changing interests, needs and increasing skills and abilities.

Our state of the art centres offer an environment that enhances exploration, discovery, curiosity, positive social interactions, self-confidence and autonomy. 

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Brand new centres NOW OPEN at
Baulkham Hills and Caddens Corner

We warmly welcome you to come tour our centres. You’ll get the chance to:

– Explore our state-of-the-art Centre featuring an outdoor babies play area
– Discover our education environments and see how they inspire meaningful learning
– See how your child will thrive through our Prepare Early Education Program

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Why the Prepare Early Education Program?

Children use play to investigate, imagine and explore ideas, so we have incorporated inquiry-based experiences within the Prepare Program encouraging children from a young age to become confident learners and flexible thinkers. Our unique Prepare Early Education Program forms the foundation for our curriculum and draws upon national best practice, plus the latest university and industry research to provide every child – from infancy, right through to Primary School transition, with an exceptional age relevant, dynamic play-based learning program.

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Our Educators engage in intentional teaching which is vitally important for children’s learning

We view the child as an independent learner and adopt a play-based curriculum. The aim is to create an environment that engages, intrigues and supports constructive learning.

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Happy Families say…

“The level of care from the educators at Prepare is second to none – they truly treat the kids like family and we have seen our son’s confidence and development soar since joining the centre. The premises are new with easy parking and there are always fun activities.”

Sarah Pikardt

“My favourite thing about Prepare St Ives is the thought and effort that goes into the children’s educational activities and extra family activities like concerts and information sessions. We are very happy with the quality of care and educational opportunities offered by Prepare St Ives. I very highly recommend this centre!”


“A great centre with amazing staff. Relatively new centre, good location, great parking available onsite which makes drop offs and pick ups easy.

My girls are very happy there ”

Rani Ford

“Easy drop off and pick up. They have street parking and undercover parking, which has never been full. Plenty of updates throughout the day with pics of the kids playing. Both kids are always happy at pick up which is great!”

Joshua Thomas