Being ready for school is about more than reading and writing. It’s also important to consider whether your child has social skills, is able to play well with others and can complete simple self-care tasks – all on their own!

A head start for success

Children who can identify their numbers and letters will be able to learn to read faster when starting school. Knowing basic language concepts and a bit about maths and science is important for them to start school with their best foot forward.

The importance of social skills

While your child may be great at maths, or already reading books above their level, this is only one part of the school readiness picture. Children also need to know how to play, socialise, make friends and share. These skills will make the transition to school much smoother.

Early education helps bridge the gap

A great early education program teaches children everything they need to adequately prepare them for the journey ahead.

Early educators can assess how they are tracking and help decide whether they are ready to make the move to school. That’s why finding a great school readiness program is the easiest way to make the start of school exciting for your child.

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